Nbed-Nakooki presentation

Nbed-Nakooki with XFCE


Nbed-Nakooki is a generalist GNU/Linux Live-CD, for the x86 platform. It is based entirely on two projects :

  • Norean, a collection of tools for Linux distribution creators.
    • Nbed is on of the Norean tools, that is used to generate the live-CD using Nakooki packages.
  • Nakooki, a demonstration and pedagogic implementation of Norean tools in the form of a small source-centric distribution, that can also be used as a start point for other distributions.

What's a live-CD ?

You can boot your computer, without installing anything, even if you don't have a hard Drive. According to the boot option you choose you then reach either a classic Linux shell (text mode), or a nice Graphical login screen (GDM) that offers, at your preference:

  • Xfce-4 a complete, lightweight, intuitive desktop with modern features.
  • Pekwm and openbox: smaller window managers, with simple menus, that run perfectly on smaller machines.

Some of the cool software provided on the Live-CD

  • Abiword A text-processor
  • Firefox Web browser
  • mplayer,xmms Video and music players
  • The Gimp Graphics software
  • sylpheed Mail and news reader
  • Rox
Complete package list

Really only good stuff as you can see.

Also includes Internet connectivity (rtc, dsl with pppoe, dhcp, etc.) and our small firewall (NanoFW) for a safe browsing experience.

Why yet another Live-CD ?

Mostly for the fun, let's be honest ! It's also the result of the work on Nbed, that will offer many more things in the future.
This Live-CD is a proof of concept of Nbed, at this point in time.

Since Nakooki is a simple collection of packages definitions, to be compiled by yourself - without any installation CD or such, Nbed-Nakooki is a simple opportunity to allow people testing and installing (with Nbed-HD-install) a Nakooki system on their Hard Drive without special skills required.

However, even if this can't be compared in terms of features, support, etc. Nbed-Nakooki has the following advantages:

  • It's very Simple to use, no complicated questions.
  • Has very good performances, once the desktop is loaded.
  • It's based on a very classic system, easy to understand (for those already using Linux)

Get and check the ISO image

Get the latest release from http://nakooki.freecontrib.org/nakooki/packages/Nbed-Nakooki/1.0/

Also get the corresponding MD5 file then check the file you download is correct, before you burn it on a CD.

For example, foobar.iso and foobar.MD5 were stored under /var/tmp:

$ cd /var/tmp
$ md5sum -c foobar.MD5

It should print OK, or you'll have to re-download the file.

Burn the ISO image

... with your favorite tool, under MS-Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux etc. No special option to be used, simply select ISO data CD, and you're all done. The ISO is bootable in itself, no need to select Create a bootable CD or similar, that would damage the result.

For *nix users:

$ cdrecord -v dev=<cdr device> /var/tmp/foobar.iso

cdrecord dev=help can help you to replace <cdr device> with appropriate value.

Important notes

This CD will only work in IDE CD drives, not SCSI ones.

The kernel was compiled with the x86 generic compatible support, thus older machines should work too (with enough RAM) - but It cannot be guaranteed, since untested. Give it a try and please feedback (on the newsgroup) !

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